Call for Submissions--Multiplicity: Queer and Trans Perspectives on Paganism and Polytheism

politeyeti said: wow, this is exactly why I don’t pack and I’ve never heard anyone else think this before

*offers solidarity fist bump*

I really wish packing didn’t remind me of wearing pads. Is it because I have a heavy weird thing in my underwear? Is it because it’s kinda uncomfortable? Is it the similarity of the paranoia of “is anyone examining my crotch area right now?”

I’m not sure what to do. I’m not wearing it today.

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for the past two or three years, i doodle occasional self-portraits. if i made a tumblr of them, would other trans* people submit their self-portraits too? intersex folk could join in the fun too!

they could be weird and abstact. mine are. and nsfw is good too, methinks.

it would be a nice place to explore gender shiftings.

yes, no, maybe?

There is No Safety for Us


Prior to coming out and beginning my transition at age fifteen, I was what I suppose could politely be called a “topic of discussion” in my rural hometown, and especially in my high school. I had always been a long haired, frail looking boy who was often mistaken for a girl…





you’re fucking beautiful.
no question. no doubts. no “if”s “but”s or “umm”s about that.
you. are. fucking. beautiful.

yes bitch, you missed a spot shaving.
yes gurl, you have some 5 o’clock shadow coming in under your foundation.
yes sweetheart, your body shape doesn’t have JLo or Beyoncé curves

AND you are still fucking beautiful.
no questions. no doubts. no ifs/buts/umms about that.

yes ma’am you work that $5 thrift store dress
or that $50 H&M dress you had to hustle for.
yes bitch you work that job where you’re gendered he/him/his
and come home to a loved one that will call you
- Princess
- Queen
- Survivor Goddess

no questions. no doubts. no ifs/buts/umms about that.

yes gurl your dating pools feels smaller than your last man’s dick
but i promise you
i promise you with every magic star we’re made of
that you will
you will
you will
have a love that cares for you in ways that will transform you
a love that will nourish you
a love that will make romantic comedies seem too complicated

no questions. no doubts. no ifs/buts/umms about that.

gurl, maybe you’re not a gurl.
maybe you’re non-binary or barely binary or what’s a binary?
and that’s great.
you are you and i promise to see you through and through.

rock your hairy legs and pits and face
and maybe shave them sometimes
or maybe shave them all the time
and hate how prickly and quickly the hair grows back

it’s a reminder of how quickly and prickly our healing will be
but not our love
not our lives
it doesn’t have to be that way

i can’t lie and say our lives will be bread on butter
it won’t be as smooth as banana peels
and it may not be as glamorous as fame.

i can say that we are special
not an exception nor a rule.
not an oddity, but a rarity.

we are fucking magical.
we are more than fantasies and wishlists.
we are more than hookers and hos
(and it’s totally okay to embrace that identity too
because // let’s be real // that’s our hustle boo)

it’s okay
ask for more

ask the sun to dim its light
demand the moon pull the tide up close to your feet
shake the earth with thighs freckled with ingrown hairs
scream your needs and i promise our ancestors who died for our liberation
will come

they will come

if you ask yourself,
would you save your younger self?
would you love your younger self who needed you?

if you answer yes,
the spirits will come to you
they will protect you
they will bless you

no questions. no doubts. no ifs/buts/umms about that.

the only thing we’ll ever pass as
is ourselves
in all of our unique, ethereal glory.

when you love yourself
you are loving all of those who look like you
who are caught in similar intersections like you

when you love yourself
you are loving me
when i love me
i am loving you

we deserve each other
and more than what this world has to offer

so order a new dessert you’ve always wanted to try
ride that vibrator to orgasmic ecstasy
make out with that cutie
buy all the clothes and make up and accessories you desire
and maybe find a good friend/lover/suga daddy to fund these delicacies
and enjoy your life as you please.

no questions. no doubts. no ifs/but/umms about that.


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hey has anyone on T grown an adam’s apple? how long did it take?

also what does an adam’s apple *do*???

body stuff

so a friend is really nervous about getting STI testing in mtl. I offered to go with him because (a) trans solidarity and (b) I might as well get my first test done with a friend!

when we figure out where we’re going, I’ll review it afterward or something so people can know if it’s safe or not.

Looking for Resources for Transmasculine People with Epilepsy


Putting this call out for a good friend of mine, if anyone knows anything about the effects of taking testosterone on people with epilepsy, please send me a message and I’ll pass the word along. If this is something that you specifically have experience with and are willing to discuss, even better. They’ve been having a difficult time finding information, and have yet to find anyone with epilepsy that is currently on HRT. 

Please spread this around!



After much thought i have decided to replace both of my parents with wolves, wish me luck learning to kill deer with my teeth

can this happen to me

Federal Appeals Court: It’s Cruel And Unusual Punishment To Deny Transgender Inmates’ Surgery

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