my day
  • hanging with my little brother, who got back from B.C. today
  • drinking tea
  • drawing a comic for a friend because, duh, comics cheer up everybody
  • writing a letter and email to distant friends
  • blasting My Chemical Romance ALL DAY
  • laundry
  • reading zines that I got at the queer bookfair
  • plotting how to reduce the expense of my school books because I don’t feel like spending around $250-300 on fuckin’ school books
  • tea
what my summer consists of so far
  • hanging with friends
  • feeling anxious about job-hunting
  • not actually job-hunting
  • getting jobs by fluke
  • eating berries
  • reading
  • not writing anything at all
  • wondering what I’ll be when I grow up
  • making lists
  • watching movies
  • drinking beer
  • playing video games
  • writing and receiving mail of all sorts
  • non-stressful volunteering
  • making new friends

this is mostly great! all I need to do now is find the secret of happiness and I am set.

plans for tomorrow
  • return books to library
  • sell some books to used bookstore
  • buy new books with cash received
  • write reply letter to pen pal in prison
  • write letter to this cool publishing house in Halifax because it seems like they have a fun job, and I don’t know what I wanna do with my life so could they please tell me about theirs?
  • hang with friends
  • maybe finally sew on more patches to my jean vest
why am i looking for a job again?

i’ve been hanging with lots of queers and punks and anarchists lately. all of them are artists who are able to make a bit of moneys from their art. maybe not, like, a career or anything but it looks like fun.

like, THAT THERE is something i could do with my life.

last night, i pet a cat, ate bread & brie, talked with my friend, and missed the last metro home. so i stayed at her house and slept in her bed after she left for work. i chirped at her bird, who was all cranky and squawky. my friend suggested i should write children’s books and that sounds like a FANTASTIC LIFE OPTION.

also, today, i ate strawberries in the park and watched a movie with a friend.

i’m enjoying life right now. this is a great second puberty so far.

hey, tumblr, come visit my ask box for a bit?

summer plans
  • write letters and poetry
  • look for a job
  • read books
  • be friends with people
  • sew more patches on my jean vest
  • play skyrim
  • swim in my pool
  • drink lots of water
  • sweat a lot in my binder
  • watch sherlock, avatar, and probably doctor who on netflix
  • bring my little brother to the dollar cinema
  • support the student strike more than just wearing my red square
  • sleep
  • fight anxiety, body dysphoria, self harm feelings, etc.
  • be less cis than everybody in the room and complain about gender all the time
  • pet my dad’s cats, pay more attention to my dog
  • figure out how to talk about sex without feeling so self-conscious
  • drink coffee and tea, despite the heat
  • watch my body hair grow in

t update: lol you guys my neck is thicker. more chin + neckĀ hair too.

super tired from werk. can’t wait for day off. gonna go to used bookstores with a good friend. (anarchist bookstore, get ready for me to buy all yer albert camus.)

feeling real weird though. sunday I had an enormously difficult time being present in my own body and felt very dazed and clueless when participating in social interactions. a dearĀ friend thought that i looked physically ill. i told her it was also that i was dealing with some rough stuff.

i told her it wasn’t the place to talk about it and that i did not want to ruin her night or pop her bubble. she appreciated it but also doesn’t know i’m dealing with trauma so maybe she won’t appreciate my letting her off the hook when i tell her. (oops?)

also i got my term paper done on sunday. i handed it in yesterday. i am free from school for four months! whoa!

what do i do with my life?!?!?!