I’ve been doing the readings for my religion class and I realized that gender essentialism does’t just make me sad—

Gender essentialism makes me grieve. It’s the closest word I can find that explains how I feel.

I am not sure how to express this grief except by:

(1) sobbing after I finish the readings

(2) angrily pointing out in class, “I would like to acknowledge that trans people exist!” (correctly guess how many classes I’ve had to say this in and I will dedicate a limerick about gender to you)

Potential solutions:

(a) make art

(b) drop out of society and become a hermit

(c) cultivate self-approval to develop a sense of not-giving-a-fuck and thereby potentially alleviate some grief?!

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    I identify so much with this post.
  2. blacksheepboy- said: ugh gender essentialism is everywhere. It’s such a pain. So many of my psych classes are like that and it drives me up a tree.
  3. glitterphoque said: I grieve for their narrow views, which harms them too. Not just trans people. It makes us all less creative. So, i also go with art <3 And I hang with artists and weirdoes and there is beauty and endless gendered creativity there
  4. cryingqueers said: Making art is pretty cool! I find ranting on tumblr pretty fun too. Also, talking to your friend (me) can help. I’m not too much of a fan of the “hermit” idea cuz I’d miss you, but i’d totally visit! <3 Lastly, self-approval/no fucks given = yay!
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    I wish I had an answer :( But I know this feel…
  6. liberayshone said: (d) All of the above.
  7. lightscavenger said: Can I become a hermit with you? We can gather up our closest friends and set up a little homeless village. (which incidentally, in the city where I’m going to college, there is one actually. A village of homeless people. Awesome.
  8. equivoque said: guess: 8. keep fighting the good fight
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