Gender Fantasies of a Feminist Queer Transboy

I was re-reading Kate Bornstein’s My Gender Workbook yesterday and started fantasizing about all the genderfuckery I would do when I finally get male secondary sex characteristics.

Once I get a bit of facial hair growth, I’m going to wear lipstick and mascara with a nice button-down shirt and suspenders. I’ll be super dapper and wear suits in bright colours but have some make-up on to look more pretty-boy gay.

I’ll be flirtatious with anyone who stares at me on public transit.

I want to do performance art too. I would have costumes similar to Prince Poppycock (but likely less elaborate). I can’t sing but I’d learn to dance; ballroom, step dance, tap dance, I’m not sure yet. I guess I could learn all of them. And then I’d come up with witty rants and dialogues to perform. I think I’d need a partner—we could do sketches.

I’ve always liked the ambiguity of emotion on clowns so I’d definitely have some heavy carnvial-esque make-up going on. I’d wear flashy, glittery, sparkly suits and be a queerer Gomez Addams. Yeah, my performance partner could be my Morticica!

Hahaha, I love having dreams like these! They give me hope.

To practice being on stage, I’m doing some spoken word at an open mic night at a queer acquaintance’s house this coming Thursday.

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