Prisoners to Remain on Rikers Island As Hurricane Sandy Heads for New York


“At a press conference this afternoon on New York City’s preparations for Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about the safety of prisoners on Rikers Island, which lies near the mouth of Long Island Sound, between Queens and the Bronx. Bloomberg appeared annoyed by the question, and responded somewhat opaquely: ‘Rikers Island, the land is up where they are and jails are secured.’ Apparently unable to fathom that anyone’s main concern would be for the welfare of the more than 12,000 prisoners on Rikers, Bloomberg then reassured listeners: ‘Don’t worry about anybody getting out.’”

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    Mayor the year y’all
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    citizens of new york, you appear to have developed some sort of malignant plutocratic fuckbag growth that has gained...
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    fuck off, Bloomberg
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