i have been wanting to move beyond gender. and i don’t just mean, “hey folks, i use they pronouns now” (which is true, btw. i’ll address that in a later post). 

i mean, i wanna leave my university-queer rad-montreal bubble. i want to build community with people unlike myself.

there’s a bajillion things i wanna educate myself on but i am thinking that i should leave books beyond and just go do the fucking work and talk to people while i’m at it.

but i know that i also have a lot on my plate right now. perhaps i should read for awhile, finish my column at the end of the school year, then go do more rad work elsewhere. or perhaps continue with gender stuff but remember to add a broader analysis. like, y’know, acknowledge that sex workers did a lot of the work that enabled privileged middle class trans people to enjoy their lives in relative safety.

yes, i have been reading vivian namaste. is it weird that i just wanna go into her office and gush about her book, “sex change, social change”? would that be creepy?

"hi, i’m oliver, i write this column on gender so i’m trans too and and and i just love your work, can we be friends?!"

that is creepy right?

  1. lucypaw said: Probably creepy but understandable, I think.
  2. equivoque said: I think that people that write books love it when people do things like that.
  3. lesbianlegbreaker said: flatteringly creepy? I am a bad judge of such things.
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