so i got pissed off in class today!

i was in my ‘contemporary writing by women class’ and we were reading adrienne rich. that’s all fine and dandy and fun. but somehow i started thinking about trans history and how i can’t really track down my resilient-as-fuck transcestors.

i mean, i can sort of, because leslie feinberg wrote “transgender warriors”. my friend owns it and will lend it to me tomorrow. can i say that i’m really glad that this friend owns that book? i would be way furious and sad if i had to ask a cis friend for a book on my history. but it’s not like there is a fantastic abundance of books such as these.

there’s also “stone butch blues” and “the well of loneliness” (but that might not be about transness and could be about being a butch woman).

and i was like, gee, i am in a contemporary writing by women class and there are no trans lady writers?! what the fuck? so i am gonna talk to the prof when i calm down a bit. i tried to think of non-gender-theorist trans lady writers. the only book i could think of was julie ann peters who wrote the YA fiction “luna”, but i am not sure if this author is trans.

basically, all i am saying is that i am fucking sad and angry that trans people have been erased from history.

(granted, i am speaking from my limited knowledge of north american, british, and european history. maybe there is a treasure trove somewhere! i dunno! if you know of any, let me know!)

also, obviously to remedy these things, i am gonna grow up and be a bad ass transsexual writer who writes fiction about trans people, okay? okay.

(i write non-fiction about trans* people here.)

  1. franzmo said: "Transgender History" by Susan Stryker attempts to fill and talk about the void. i read it a couple of years ago, but i remember it being good!
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