I have to go to a funeral on Saturday

My dad’s girlfriend’s father died of a heart attack. I didn’t know him very well so I’m not upset.

I’ve never been to a funeral before. My mom thinks it’s okay to wear black jeans but my inner gentleman is informing me—“oh no you’re not.”

So I guess I’ll go buy black slacks somewhere.

Do you think that wearing a grey paisley bow tie is okay or is a bow tie too frivolous? If paisley is… impolite, I also have navy blue.

Or should I go find me a black skinny tie?

  1. saucymagpies answered: grey paisley should be okay. I mean, nobody’s going to be focusing on your clothing, unless you wear bright yellow or something.
  2. o-blivia said: Black skinny tie! Just cause I like the way they look. Not that bowties aren’t also awesome.
  3. brad-colberts answered: Black skinny tie. Channel The Blues Brothers and get a black fedora and sunglasses to match
  4. vogonpoetrysociety answered: What is “appropriate” depends on the family/style of funeral. Honestly, some people wear the weirdest shit.
  5. ohvelveteena answered: navy blue is fine, I wouldnt go with paisley. I’d never go to a funeral in jeans.
  6. pomme-poire-peche answered: I think a necktie would be better. I can lend you if need be.
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