Two timesin the past week, I have been able to tell loved ones that


in a polite, firm manner. I proceeded to answer their question anyway because, as my loved ones, my answer did sorta kinda pertain to them—in that they will come and visit me while I recuperate.

But seriously, this urge to “educate the cis people” is ridiculous. It’s taken me almost two years to get to this point where I can say it’s rude to ask. Usually I either dance around the question or answer it in a matter-of-factual manner. I’m pleased to have gotten to the point where I can almost refuse to answer.

However, people shouldn’t be asking this question in the fucking first place.

  1. lesbianlegbreaker said: Maybe it’s bc I’m autistic but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. Why o God why would you ask about someone’s genitals? My brain is shorting out over this.
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    Their genitals are no more their business when visiting you post-chest-surgery than they woudl be for anyone visiting a...
  3. cauda-pavonis said: are you scheduled for lower surgery as well as top, then? :)
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