I’m struggling with a lot of body dysphoria in this warm weather. It’s difficult but meditating is helping somewhat. Acknowledging and examining my body dysphoria doesn’t always work though. Sometimes the best thing to do is go kill dragons on Skyrim or scroll Tumblr.

I have days of ravaging body dysphoria but today has been good. I think it’s because I had such a wonderful and tipsy night. I was at the birthday party of a crush. The weather is really beautiful today. I visited a friend at her work (instead of studying for a final exam) and we talked about the public health system.

Oh, and when I got breakfast in the Alexis Nihon mall, the waitress called me handsome. That was cool. I am getting lots of compliments lately. My mustache is coming in more. My crush is convinced my face looks different somehow but then again, she has not seen me in awhile. It definitely looks rougher and more *me*, which alleviates a tiny bit of dysphoria.

As a  another fun side-note, I want to say that I’m in love with my own body hair. Thank you, testosterone!

Also, I think I really want to practice Buddhism. I’m going to spend a day hunting through used bookstores once school is over and find cool things on that and existentialism and cool critical theory stuff (Freire! hooks! Camus!)

  1. delineatingkaj said: Will you post if you find Buddhist things that are helpful for dysphoria? because I’d really like that.
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