my options

- become part-time student, work, get line of credit, move out

- live at ‘home’, suffer for two years, graduate with bachelor’s degree, get a job, move out

- move in with dad, still experience birth names/pronouns but maybe have more progress?

- quit university, become a barber, work, move out

- yell at mother, become (more) depressed, tell her “if you don’t want a son, you’ll have a dead daughter”

my mother is going to freak when she finds out I am planning my top surgery. what to do, what to do.

not sure if i can ask my parents again to use my chosen name. it hurts so much to hear no.

opinions, thoughts, experiences, love, suggestions welcome.

  1. gatsandglitter said: it sounds like not living with your parents would be a good idea. maybe when they dont take your presence for granted they will be more inclined to accept you as the person you are. also dont kill yourself please.
  2. embodyglamour said: We haven’t chatted but… LOVE! & moving out is the possibly the scariest but most rewarding option. Getting some space from your folks might help you sort out what you need from them, how to ask for it, and boundaries/ consequences to lay down.
  3. lesbianlegbreaker said: I’m just making a massive contributuon to the hug box. MASSIVE beyond massive. Like, ‘thank god that thing is comparable to a Mary Poppins bag otherwise it would never fit’ MASSIVE.
  4. besttumblr said: i don’t have any experiences that could help, i know that family is the worst/most difficult though, i think that option one maybe sounds promising?, also <333333333
  5. fierce-dragon said: Im getting an appt. this summer. If you can help cover some sort of expense you could come live with me (: Try applying for loans and bursaries? There are ways for you to stay at school. Call me if you need to talk okay.
  6. yourinsidesxrayed said: I’m so sorry you have to go through this. :(
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